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COLLECTABILITY the shop, is fast approaching five years of trading, and at the end of September 2023 will close.
THE SHOP WILL STILL BE TRADING, but opening hours will vary as we sort stock for moving.
Whilst items are still in the shop they are for sale! Many already REDUCED!

From OCTOBER 2023 you will find us in:
Old Bridge Antiques Centre
The Pill
Kingsley Road
EX39 2PF

We continue to
• offer advice on sorting items you want to sell or clear.
    It can be overwhelming trying to sort out what's what, whether to give things away, put them to auction or to sell. We can advise. There is no cost to you for this servoice.
• buy and sell selected items.
    Depending on the retail market, changing fashions and interior styles, the price of commodities etc. we buy items at fair rates. We pay cash.
To find out more contact:
07974 807614
07944 122480

16 High Street, Great Torrington, Devon EX38 8HN
Proprietrix: Felicity Bright
We are in the main square opposite the Pannier Market. Parking is sometimes available in the High Street. There are two car parks a short distance away. There is a cash machine (ATM) across the road and also in the Co-op nearby.

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